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Coming soon, interview with Avatâra Ayuso – dance artist, teacher and choreographer based in London, England.
“dance and linguistics were always two passions of mine, and they are more similar to each other than one would expect”

Coming soon, interview with Douglas Bateman – co-founder of MDKollektiv, dancer, choreographer and teacher in Köln.
“innovation is created through exchange and feedback”

Coming soon, interview with Amos Ben-Tal – choreographer and artistic leader of OFFprojects and musician.
“continuity requires flexibility, a time of crisis is the best time to invest”

Coming soon, interview with Ida Burén – former head of the program department at Dansens Hus Stockholm.
“it is obvious that dance should be accessible for everyone in our city, it’s our duty to make it so.”

Coming soon, interview with Janine Dijkmeijer – general director of Nederlands Dans Theater in the Netherlands
“no matter in which direction we are headed, the human body and its flesh and blood will always be valued”

Coming soon, interview with Francine Gagné – general manager and artistic director of Circuit-Est Centre Choreographique in Montreal.

Coming soon, interview with Christine Gaigg – independent choreographer, dancer, author and director in Vienna.
“what differentiates a professional from an amateur is that a professional is open to critical analysis of his or her work”

Coming soon, interview with Ulrike Kuner – head of artistic administration at Tanzquartier Wien in Vienna and network supervisor for the European Dancehouse Network (EDN).
“as a network, EDN connects artists internationally and supports member organisations, with advocacy for dance as the main priority”

Coming soon, interview with Catja Loepfe – artistic and administrative director of Tanzhaus Zürich.
“you can die creatively if you just stay within your own country”

Coming soon, interview with Eddie Nixon – theatre director at The Place in London, England.
“culture is a mirror of society, capturing a moment”

Coming soon… Interview with Caroline Ohrt – director of development and programming at Danse Danse in Montreal.
“for me the worlds of visual arts and dance have always been intertwined”

Coming soon, interview with Stefan Schwartz – program director at Tanzhaus nrw in Dusseldorf, Germany.
“in order to have a influential international presence, you need to have a strong local community”