Hello from London

London. Buzzing. Bustling. Bursting. There is so much to see and do here for visitors and residents alike, how on earth does contemporary dance fit in to such a crowded urban landscape? My first impression is that while there are an incredible amount of activities happening within the city, London feels like it’s itching to connect itself more with the international scene. So naturally, I felt that London and I had a common goal. While here, I met with Eddie Nixon, director of The Place – London’s foremost centre for contemporary dance presentation and development. I also interviewed Avat├óra Asuyo, international choreographer, teacher, dancer and film maker. The two perspectives gave me an idea of what it’s like to oversee a large institution and what it’s like to be right in the thick of making dance. London was my last European stop on my 11-city tour and where I bid farewell to Europe, but hopefully not for long!

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