Christina Kid


I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I am the middle child of three girls. Growing up, I loved being in the middle. I knew exactly how to piss off my sisters and knew even better how to get away with it. Lucky for me, we still get along. At least I think we do!

photo: C von Tiedemann
photo: C von Tiedemann


The name I adopted while studying at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. There were two Christina’s in our year. The-other-Christina was the one who got to keep her name. After graduating, the-other-Christina and I both moved to the Netherlands to continue our dance studies at Codarts in Rotterdam. After Codarts I danced professionally for a few years in Europe.



In Latvian, Kiki is short for Christina. No, I’m not Latvian. I’m half Canadian, half Austrian. But the name came from when I lived with three fabulous Latvian ladies. It was after I stopped dancing and when I was getting my master’s degree in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Christina Giannelia

Christina Giannelia

My full name and how I sign off on work emails. Work, you ask? Past work experience includes being a creative producer with Colab. Loïc Perela and OffProjects | Amos Ben-Tal and head of sponsorship and partnerships at the Dutch Dance Festival. With my project Why Move I researched the internationalisation of the dance field within and outside Europe and linked my findings to a career in the Toronto arts sector. Now I work as the General Manager for Fall For Dance North – an international dance festival in the heart of the city.